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Welcome to Thanet Pagan. A page created to offer a resource to local Pagans. If you find us in our ‘early days’, be sure to Bookmark us and call back again soon. There are plans to add a lot more.

If there are items you would like to see on a Thanet / East Kent pagan site please e-mail us at

Thank you to Hooded Cat for providing free webspace for this site.

Pagans of the South East

We have set up a Yahoo Group to keep people

up-to-date with events in the South East

You can be an active member of the group or just subscribe to posts. Links are set out below


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Group Details:
Pagans of the South East – welcome all paths and respect all different views, be it Wiccan, Druidic, Celtic, heathen, gothic or ‘whatever’. Our aim is to have a site for like minded ‘folk’ to ‘exchange information and ideas’ - through postings of local events, moots, conferences, festivals, places to visit, art scene and stores. So if you are ‘out there’ and looking for an event are a pagan or considering paganism this is a great group to start with. We will post open public events in Kent and Sussex and surrounding areas. Events will be posted to the calendar. The group will not be responsible for the accuracy of the details posted. It would be advisable to check out and confirm details with the given contact before setting off to attend any event in case of cancellation or changes to event details.


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